Tips For Setting Up Your Stained Glass Hobby Work Area

One of the most persuading aspects of getting into the hobby of working with stained glass is that the cost of entry is very low. The price of the essential equipment and tools that you need to get rolling is far less than lots of other hobbies.

With just a few tools and some supplies it is simple to start to learn how easy it is for you to make beautiful stained glass windows, lamps and other items. Here are some tips and hints on how you can setup a great working area for your projects without spending lots of money.

For starters, choose a sturdy clutter-free surface from which to work. Many people prefer to work with stained glass supplies while sitting rather than standing. Be sure your work table is stable and strong enough. Avoid using a shaky folding table.

For the best results, get a piece of fiberboard or other cork like material to give yourself a firm but somewhat cushioned work area. This will make it easier to work with the glass and will permit you to use push tacks and pins when you’re working with your patterns. The use of a pistol grip glass cutter also makes things much easier when cutting glass.

Set yourself up with access to water so that you have it ready at hand when you are working. You’ll need water for washing and cleaning the glass, and your powered grinder or ring saw needs water to operate. If you don’t have a tap near by, make sure you keep a few gallons of water handy to clean away any chemicals you may use and glass dust.

Whenever you cut and break stained glass you’ll create a lot of little chips and tiny pieces of glass that can build up on the work area and settle in corners and cracks. Be sure you have a pair of safety glasses or goggles and put them on whenever you are cutting or breaking glass. Buy yourself a bench brush and dust pan to use to dry sweep all these small pieces away and also to keep the work area clean. Little bits of glass that get stuck in your hands or fingers can be quite painful.

Make sure the area where you work is well ventilated. When you are applying flux and solder you need to make every effort not to inhale the fumes. The lead used in solder as well as in the lead came for stained glass window kits is a toxic material. Make sure that the lead and lead particles don’t come in contact with food or into any areas where you prepare it.

Setup your work area with good lighting and access to electric power for your soldering iron and other equipment. Have some rags and other cleaning supplies on hand to enable you to clean up and keep things neat. Set aside a cabinet or drawer stack to hold your equipment and tools when not in use. If you work with stained glass kits and start with larger pieces of glass, locate a safe place to keep the glass. Make sure it is safely and securely kept away from young children and pets.

With just a little bit of thinking ahead, it’s easy to get organized and safely set things up to get started with your stained glass hobby. Preparing in advance to make a spot to do your work will help make it easier for you to learn and you will see results faster. Get your work area set up properly and you’ll be ready to go.