The “As Seen On TV” Insanity Workout

The Insanity Workout with Shaun T is the type of thing that folks tell other folks about after they’ve experienced for themselves. And that’s exactly what I’m doing right now. I am definitely a a strong believer in Shaun T and his workouts! I admit that I doubted Insanity before I started doing it, I thought it would be another lame cardio video. But it’s not. It really is insane.

The Insanity Workout definitely pushes you past your limits during the whole workout. Even the warm-ups are hard. I am not the type of person who sweats all that much when I exercise usually but when I do this workout I am dripping sweat all over my body.

But you get a huge pay off from working out so incredibly hard; very quick fitness results. I found my fitness level rising quite quickly when I began doing this workout on a daily basis. I think anyone who does the workout plan will see substantial results. It’s just a matter of sticking with it day after day.

I should warn people with bad knees that there’s a lot of jumping around involved in these workouts. What I say to those people who have physical problems or who are very overweight is that you should modify the moves that feel dangerous to you. It will not do you any good at all to get injured so that you can’t workout.

You will get the most out of this program if you combine it with a fat burning diet plan. That’s true for any fitness program. You can really eat your way through any amount of working out. And as they say “abs aren’t made in the gym, but in the kitchen.” The Day Off Diet online diet is most strongly recommended as it’s a very easy diet to follow and it is also extremely effective at burning off excess fat.

It’s recommended that you add in some weight training too. That goes for women and men! Sometimes the ladies think lifting weights is only for men, but the truth is that it is a great method to boost your metabolism and burn fat faster. Every pound of muscle you can add to your body burns an extra 50 calories per day even when you are just sitting around doing nothing.