Kate Middleton Workout Routine

Well I am writing this Kate Middleton Workout Routine on Friday, April 29, about one hour before Prince William marries Kate Middleton at Westminster Abbey in London, UK. Every woman around the world appears to have her eyes attached firmly on the figure of Kate Middleton.

If you found this post then you are no doubt looking for the bride’s workout fitness routine, the exercise regime that’s given Kate her wedding figure fit for the future king of Great Britain.

so what is Kate doing to look this incredible? How is she managing to keep in shape? How has she slimmed down and stayed slim?

Well in this post I will tell you what I think she has been doing as far as her exercise regime is concerned. You can copy a similar routine by clicking here – Kate Middleton Workout

Well obviously the private life of the Princess is kept under lock and key, what we see through the press isn’t going to reveal exactly what she’s doing to work-out and diet. I must also say that there has been loads of speculation about the Princess taking part in some rather strange fad diets. Obviously these are not true as Miss Middleton reportedly enjoys a healthy, balanced low glycaemic index diet.

This means she eats food such as fresh fish, fresh vegetables, plenty of fruit and of course clean water to ensure her blood sugar level remains balanced and her digestion remains consistent.

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But What About Her Workout?

Her precise workouts are kept under lock and key, probably in the Palace! But there are a few paparazzi shots, a few leaked stories and some insider tips and show her doing some very specific workouts. 

Run Your Crown off. The Princess appears to run on a regular basis. Obviously we all know how good running can be as it’s a great way to shed the extra pounds and give yourself a great cardiovascular workout. My warning to you is to run on soft ground such as grass to begin with and make sure you have a proper pair of running shoes.

The high impact nature of running means that if you’re not careful it can result in injury, so get some advice off a running specialist first.

Royal Rowing: as far as I am aware, Kate doesn’t actually row competitively, but it appears she uses a rowing machine in the gym. This is a great low impact exercise, it uses the legs and also the back. Let’s not also forget that the biceps are involved as you pull the bar and chain close to you. 10 to 15 minutes on this 3 or 4 times a week will give you a great workout by itself.

Resistance Training. Using some good old-fashioned resistance training and weightlifting is a great way to build strength, bone density and beautiful sculpted muscle. You can do this at home with bodyweight exercises, but it’s a great way to follow a proper workout routine and use some specialised gym equipment.

Stretch with the best. Stretching and flexibility and of course core strength is crucial to someone wanting a figure like the bride. Reportedly she gets all of her stretching and flexibility exercises from that eastern God of feel good factors, yes you guessed it, Yoga!

Get Started Today.

You can develop your own fitness routine just like Kates if you follow the above advice. Run a couple of times a week, Row three times a week, resistance training 2 to 3 times a week and a yoga class once a week. Mix this up with a fantastic healthy diet of fresh fish, lean meat, fresh fruit and plenty of clean water and you will be looking as good as the future Princess.

Follow the link and head to our fitness blog to learn more about amazing diets and workouts for women – Kate Middleton Workout