Pregnancy is definitely a truly thrilling period but it can be a tough time as well full of mixed thoughts.  

A couple of the most typical issues I see as a Physiotherapist is women feeling discomfort (specifically round the back and pelvis) and worries around putting on weight and lack of fitness.  

The fantastic news is I can help you with these two quite easily by prescribing safe and effective workout.  

While pregnant we are bombarded with plenty of fresh and different info and sometimes it is tough to decide what we should and shouldn’t do. That is exactly why whenever you choose work outs recommended by a Physiotherapist with a particular interest in pregnancy you know you are getting exactly what you need – safe and effective physical exercise specially intended to cater for the changes in your body all through pregnancy. Several of these changes include: stretching out of the tummy muscles, ligaments getting softer, posture changes and weight gain. It is significant to keep in mind that all these changes are normal, but at the same time you do need to take these types of changes into consideration when performing exercises.  

As you almost certainly understand, exercise during pregnancy can certainly make a great deal of difference to your vigor and well being during your pregnancy, prepare the body for labor and promote a quicker return to your pre-pregnant physique after having the child.

There are lots of reasons why every pregnant women should be doing a physiotherapist designed Pregnancy Exercise DVD:

These include:

· Prevent or alleviate pain

· More strength

· Increase core strength

· Stronger back muscles

· Stronger pelvic muscles

· Improved posture

· Improved fitness

· Improved breath awareness and relaxation

In order to eliminate the guess work when it comes to exercising, be sure to purchase a pregnancy DVD developed by a Physiotherapist -to make sure you are taught the most protected and effective exercises for you, including some you can continue to do after your baby comes.  

There are principally two types of programs and I propose that you do both on alternate days. Firstly you must be doing an aerobic program that gets your breathing a little heavier as this is certain to assist with your total fitness levels. The Preggie bellies and Lisa Westlake Great Expectations DVD’s are great for this. Additionally you must be doing a core conditioning or Pilates program to keep your muscles strong, specifically your core abdominal and pelvic muscles. 

Keep in mind Physiotherapist are consultants not only in recommending work outs but also in understanding the changes that are occurring to your body throughout pregnancy.

Wishing you a blissful and healthy pregnancy,

Melissa Macdonald (Physiotherapist).