Year Round Spring Time For Little Money – Retire In Ecuador

Retire in Ecuador is becoming more and more popular with Americans and others who want the good life without spending a fortune. It is very easy to live and live very well in Ecuador for under $2,000 a month. One couple reports a monthly budget of $660 a month. Let’s just say I am skeptical of figures that low, $1500 is cheap enough with absolutely no skimping.

Local Senior Citizen Center, Recreation Center, and YMCA

If you are a person that would prefer to engage in learning activities during the day, then you should obtain a schedule of events from your local senior citizen center or recreation center. Don’t be apprehensive about doing this because you feel that you’re too young. In my town, the minimum age for joining the recreation center senior activities is fifty. You’ll find that the events are varied and reasonably priced. Most centers offer great deals on day trips to tourist attractions, day classes of general interest, and lessons sports.

How About Graduate School?

Now that we’re living longer and healthier lives, it may be easier to begin a new and enriching life cycle. If your nest is empty, and you have the desire to continue learning, why not go back to school? According to Department of Education, 120,000 men and women over the age of fifty are earning graduate degrees.

A relatively new way of taking courses is called distance learning. You don’t actually go to classes. You become part of a rapidly growing roster of virtual campuses. You do all of your coursework at home on your computer through the Internet.

Online schools offer programs that lead to a bachelor’s degree, master’s degree, and doctor of philosophy. Many public and private colleges and universities offer distance-learning programs. The University of Phoenix offers a wide variety of degrees with full accreditation. That institution is very highly rated by the Wall Street Journal. You can choose from programs in business, criminal justice, education, healthcare, and technology.


Elderhostel is America’s first and the worlds largest educational travel organization for adults fifty-five years of age and older. They are a non-profit organization that provides exceptional learning adventures in more than one hundred countries around the world. Over ten thousand programs are offered a year. In 2000, two hundred fifty thousand people took advantage of the programs that are offered. Their website offers a very thorough search mechanism.

Take an Ivy League School Sponsored Educational Vacation

Here’s an interesting educational alternative: Many top-ranked colleges and universities offer domestic and international study tours. The best part is that you do not have to be an alumnus. And, a faculty member usually leads tours. A Great deal of information regarding availability can be found online.

Learn Something New While Having Fun: Take a Theme Cruise

It seems as though cruise line companies are realizing that many baby boomers yearn for something more from cruising. They want to learn, and at the same time have some fun. Hence, the theme cruise has arrived as an enriching alternative to your standard cruise. Travel analysts say that this area is one of the few travel markets that are growing at a rate of about twenty percent a year.

Radisson Seven Seas has offered a twelve-day antique road show sailing from England to Copenhagen featuring lectures and shopping at. You can also travel with the Cunnard Line aboard the Queen Elizabeth Two and participate in themes such as classical music, British comedy, science fiction, and filmmaking.

Learn a New language In a Another Country

While we’re on the subject of traveling to learn, here’s a novel idea: Travel to another country to learn the native language.

In an effort to keep their economies stimulated, many governments of smaller countries are attempting to promote something relatively new called language tourism. Basically, you are immersed in the culture of the particular country while you study the language for an intensive period of time. People who participate in this type of instruction often experience the joy of learning about the country without feeling like a tourist. During the off hours, you can explore the topography of your surroundings.

A popular destination for Spanish language instruction is Ecuador. The Canoa Spanish Language School features immersion instruction on a beautiful beachfront setting. Private teaching is scheduled at your convenience. The Ecuador Spanish Language School offers a home stay approach in which the student lives with a family. If you would like to learn a little of the Italian language, The Italian Language School offers two to four week sessions

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