Whether Or Not To Take Bed Linen On A Motorhome Holiday

When we go camping most us will not take bed linen with us in addition to a sleeping bag.  This is due to the fact that we do not want to have to carry the extra weight and that we do not have space for extra bedding.  Whilst taking a holiday in a camper can is in the same spirit as camping; there are some obvious differences.  This article discusses whether or not you should take bed linen when going away in a motorhome.

The pros

Obviously the key benefit of taking bed linen for your motorhome is that it will provide you with the comfort that you associate with being at home.  When camping in a tent you are more exposed to the elements, which means that staying warm is the primary concern.  A motorhome provides much more protection and warmth won’t usually be an issue, so you can afford to demand a little more comfort.

Considering the practicalities

It isn’t really practical to take bed linen on tent camping holidays.  The first problem is that it is impossible to fasten an under sheet to a roll mattress – if you actually have one.  Secondly you don’t really have that much room in a tent to be messing about with sheets or duvets – they are simply too big.  Motorhomes tend to have a double bed in the back which means it is easy to put the bed linen on. 

Holiday length

Whereas most tent camping trips tend to only last a few days; those on motorhome holidays will stay away for longer.  If you are only going holidaying for a few nights then you may be prepared to sacrifice your comfort.  If you are away for an extended period of time then you don’t want to go the duration of the trip without a good night’s sleep.  In conclusion we can think of no good reason to not take your bed linen with you when embarking on a motorhome holiday.