The History Of Kings Cross And The Reasons Why You Could Vist A Local Budget Hotel

People all over the world opt to stay in one of the Kings Cross hotels whenever they are in London, specifically in the Central London. Kings Cross is famous for its appearances in several movies and books, including Harry Potter featuring the Platform 9 ¾, and a musical video such as “Rent” sang by the Pet Shop Boys.

The Beginnings of Kings Cross:

It used to be among the rural areas in Central London. The Fleet River and the ancient crossing over it were the primary reasons the area was named “Battle Bridge”. Because of the springs produced by the Fleet River, the place was transformed into a group of spas. That made the area gain popularity. Plans to attract people to the area were then started to satisfy the requirement of getting more traffic. Industries were established but it didn’t work out well for some of them. That statue gave Battle Bridge a new name: Kings Cross. Due to that statue of King Henry VIII, the name Battle Bridge was changed to Kings Cross. When talking about Kings Cross, it is commonly sometimes also referred to the Kings Cross railway station. The railways made an impact on Kings Cross, that is true, but obviously they are different. The underground lines have changed a lot in Kings Cross, a fact that can be proven by the local residents. Many people were left homeless when the railways were constructed but these people were also given affordable housing.

About the Local Hotels:

Several hotels in London St. Pancras have a lot of low cost hotels London that offer more than the basic amenities and facilities, most of them are luxury hotels. One hotel called Megaro Hotel, found in Euston Road, has a lot of extra amenities to offer. It is situated adjacent to the St. Pancras Station making it easy to be located. Hotel Megaro, a boutique hotel, also provides air-conditioning, non-smoking rooms, laundry and safety deposit boxes. Amenities include private bathrooms with bathtubs and showers, desks, televisions, internet access, coffee makers and also hairdryers. Another renowned hotel in the area is the Holiday Inn London-Bloomsbury. With its 300 rooms, it is one of the common hotels near St. Pancras tourists will usually hear of the first time they get into the area. Kings Cross and several restaurants will easily be reached by just taking a short walk from the hotel. The stylish furniture and the decorated rooms are two reasons why guests enjoy their stay in Holiday Inn.

The Kings Cross hotels are a great way for tourists or locals to get together and share interests. People from all over the world visiting the area can actually group and visit the tourist spots together, with the locals as their guide. The tourists can understand the culture differences and gain new insights about Kings Cross and share what they have learned to the other tourists newly met. Such a true learning and gainful moment that will never be forgotten.