Side Effects And Impacts Of Allegra And Zyrtec

Allegra is also known as Fexodin, Fexigra, Carboxyterfenadine, Terfenadine carboxylate and Fexolup. This is the antihistamine which helps in relieving symptoms caused by seasonal allergies like sneezing, watery and itchy red eyes, itchy throat, itchy or runny nose. Other than treating hives and allergies, it is used for some other conditions too.   


Some people are over sensitive to allergies and their allergies  become hay fever , in such cases Allegra is administered to  such patients .    This drug contains the main ingredient of fexofenadine. Allegra is the non-sedating antihistamine which is of new class. This drug comes with a task of preventing histamine action in the body. A particular category of mast cell, acts as its storage in the body. The mast cells are seen in almost all the tissues when allergen enters the human body. It is important to know some thing about Allegra when you are about to use it. All such people whose kidneys and liver functions are not  quite normal , must be very careful while using this . And also those who have heart disease, blood vessel disease, CVS dysfunction, and those who have undergone surgery must take only as prescribed by doctors. This must be carefully used in case of old people. In case of pregnant women, Allegra is contraindicated. Women who are gestating should also avoid using this medicine. It is better for  mothers who are still breast feeding to avoid taking this medicine.  


One must follow the prescription of the doctor  and take only as much as has been advised . It should not be ideally taken with tea or coffee. It is recommended to take this drug with water. If you feel any over dose of Allegra, then consult your doctor for antidote. At the time of taking a pill, make sure you do not wet it.


Zyrtec is another type of antihistamine which is used for treating perennial allergy and seasonal allergy symptoms. You can refer to Zyrtec as Cetirizine too. A natural chemical called  histamine  present in out body, can be reduced with this medicine. Histamine may cause symptoms like runny nose, itching, watery eyes, sneezing. Hives is known to cause swelling and itching and that can be treated with Zyrtec. It can also impact your reactions and responses to anything. For as long as you are under this medication , it is better to refrain from alcohol. Before taking Zyrtec, it is crucial to let your doctor know of any other medicine that you may be taking for anxiety or depression. You must tell your doctor about other medicines so that he can prescribe proper dose.  


Those who take Zyrtec  could feel some effect of the side like tremors , sleeplessness or troubles sleeping , fatigue and weakness, etc .

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