Pregnancy Week By Week Review

Pregnancy Week By Week Review

A new life is forming inside you when you are expecting. It is evolving from a fetus to a human being inside your body. To understand this magical and mystifying event read through the pregnancy week by week review.

A new entry in your body will naturally cause all your insides to go crazy with action in the first few weeks. The hormones will shoot up and so will the other activities of your constitution – all of which is completely normal and yet frightening. Morning sickness is another natural part of the whole situation.

You may be sick from the fourth week to the sixteenth week. This initial period is crucial for both of you and the nausea protects your fetus from harm. Food contaminated with bacteria and other harmful ingredients will be rejected by your body because the fetus cannot digest them. So do not eat any food which revolts you at sight or smell.

Nausea can be contained to a certain extent by eating frequently in fewer quantities. Crackers are good as they contain carbohydrates. Proteins and carbohydrates stop vomiting effectively. Sip on your favorite juice. In case of dehydration fears drink sport drinks which are rich in potassium, glucose and salt. Sip on ginger tea which is anti-nausea.

Rest a lot and avoid any sudden physical activities during the first ten weeks or more. Avoid bumpy rides and even flying should be ruled out. Regular visits to your doctor will keep you updated about the fetus developments.

When you reach the middle period of your pregnancy relax and enjoy the moments. Eat well and grow strong and your baby will grow strong too. Normally this is the time when you will start putting on weight. Rest your feet on a low stool when you nap in the afternoons, this will help to reduce the swelling in the feet – again a normal feature.

Most important keep talking to your little one throughout the months till the birth – nurture a bond that will last you a lifetime. This also helps you to tune in to each other and keep healthy. Enjoy this nature’s wonder which can make you ecstatic beyond words.

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