Making A Difference To Your Childs Health And Your Day

 These days being a parent can be hard work. We are often juggling work and  home life and it becomes increasingly difficult and stressful. Often due to all the things that need to be attended to we drop the ball on things that seem less important. As parents it is difficult to keep an eye on everything but there are some areas where your attention will make a difference.

When time is short of you have children with tempers it can be an easy solution to give in to their requests for snacks or sweets or conversely neglect to ensure they  have had enough to eat. With very  small children keeping their blood sugar levels balanced will have a huge impact on their behaviour and so your stress levels. Firstly make sure you have some healthy snacks for kids on you when ever you go out with them for any length of time. Something that will satisfy their often high need for energy without being too sweet. Sugar will make your children a little crazy and harder to control then once it wears off you can expect then to be more grumpy than if you’d simply refused their request to begin with 

With just a little attention you can find that your children’s behaviour is closely linked to their diet and a regularity of balance of their blood sugar levels. Keep this steady and balanced and many of the difficult behaviour will either be less extreme or, even better, just not show up at all. Of course there are other factors but if you can take control of just one it can give you the mental space and time to then attend more closely to the others or deal with a difficult situation. Healthy kids recipes  can make all the difference.

Using some healthy kids snacks both when at home and when out with your children is a great way to make your life easier and improve the health and happiness of your children