Hot Ideas For Your School Scrapbook!

Making a high school scrapbook should be a fun and rewarding past-time to do. You shouldn’t have to worry and stress that it’s going to turn out badly or that you’ll mess something up. Thats why I’ve collected one or two pointers to make your next album less complicated and more fun than maths homework.

Collecting Materials

You may well think that you do not have much of your original college materials left anymore, I know I thought that I threw plenty of my old school stuff away when I finished. Nonetheless it’s still worth taking a look through your cabinets and spare rooms for old boxes and cases.

When I did, I found a complete bunch of stuff that I was planning to toss away but had not really gotten around to it.

Pens, pencils, old text books, diaries and newsletters turned up all of which went into my school scrapbook.

I also noticed that one of my old school girlfriends had put up some of our old class stills on Facebook, which I saved and printed on glossy photograph paper. This really added a lot to my album.

Using Your Materials

Because you found your old school materials, doesn’t imply you have to use them all in your book.

When putting together my school scrapbook, I really started using all the stuff out of my old pencil case scissors, coloured pencils, crayons and a white out pen. Unfortunately my glue stick had dried up and was beyond usable.

Using my old materials also added a much more genuine and genuine feel to my album, something that I would not have achieved if I had gotten materials from a craft store.

Therefore if you’re thinking about making your own school scrapbook, be sure to look and use your old school materials, it looks fantastic and you could have a great time, and best of all, a trip down memory lane.

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