Funeral Services In McHenry

Nowadays, cremation is definitely an increasing alternative to burial, nevertheless, some people are finding it tough to adjust from their individual traditions when it comes to cremation. Although not everyone agrees with cremation, it is for many men and women, a preferable alternative. Compared to a traditional burial, cremation is a simpler and more economical procedure.. All over Canada, many more people are going for cremation since they simply can’t afford a burial. Statistics show, that over the last ten years or so, cremation has grown to almost forty eight percent and is continuing to rise. Another good reason why more people are opting for cremation over burial isn’t only because it’s more practical but also more beneficial to our environment. Burial expenses have increased quite substantially over the years with an increase in the cost of caskets, burial plots and headstones etc. Combined with the economy as it is and the increasing price of burials, cremation nowadays seems a much better alternative. It is important for both close friends and relations to have the ability to say farewell to their cherished one in a send off that they deserve. It’s a time when everyone should get together and concentrate on a tribute to the departed and a appropriate goodbye. Attended by close family and friends, a funeral service can be held where individuals can pay their last respects and, similar to a traditional burial service, songs can be played and toasts made. Many individuals are under the impression that if you are cremated you can’t have a headstone, interestingly, this is untrue and a lot of people‚Äôs remains are laid to rest in the ground and a headstone erected like in a standard burial. The ashes of the majority of people that are cremated are kept in Urns which can be kept in the family house for decades to come or otherwise ashes may be spread in one of the deceased preferred places. Visit McHenry funeral for more information on both funerals in Mundelein and cremation in Mundelein services.