Cycling For Weight Loss And Health

Of the many activities that you can engage in to lose weight and become more healthy – training for cycling  is a great one – especially if your just returning to physical activity or haven’t exercised in the past. Firstly cycling is low impact – this means that you have a low risk of injury. If you are not in the best shape running can be hard on your knees and there are many other injuries that can result – meaning you’ll workout  less and the results will be longer in coming.

Cycling also offers the possibility of training at home. You can use a bike trainer allowing you to cycle at home. This means you can workout whatever the weather and offers the added benefit of being able to workout in private if you are initially unsure about excercising in public. There are many different kinds of stationary cycle trainers from wind trainers  through to fluid trainers – there will definitely be one to suit your budget and requirements.

If you’re happy on the road cycling is an  extremely social activity – it is called the ‘new golf’ due to the possibilities for networking that it offers. This can provide great motivation for you if you’re new to regular physical exercise as having a group of friends to ride with will mean you’re more likely to get over any blocks you have about getting into a habit of regular exercise.

Cycling is able to benefit a many different kinds of fitness. As you have control over the effort that you expend it can be used very effectively for weight loss and . For an investment that can be tailored to meet your budget cycling can provide an effective, risk free way back into physical exercise that won’t result in on going gym fees or injury. Try it – once you begin to see the results you’ll be hooked.