Cycling – An Easy Way Lose Weight And Get Fit

If your not already into cycling it may appear that the past time is an expensive and time consuming occupation — especially if you live near a popular riding road and see the rainbow  colored groups of cyclists in lycra and hi-tech gear. In fact it can be a relatively cheap and effective way to improve your health- even when short on time..

Cycling has gained huge popularity over the last decade. This ma be in part due to cyclists like Lance Armstrong being so prominent in the media and bringing it to the masses but beyond that it can be an extremely effective way to get regular low impact exercise even for those not used to physical activity. It is easy to begin and has a low cost entry point. Of course once you begin, there is an endless array of toys to invest in — you can always be faster, lighter and more aero-dynamic. This is part of its wide appeal — the further you progress in the pursuit, the more you’ll learn about technique, gear and how to tackle your cycling training. It has all the aspects of a great game where the skill you develop through time and effort is rewarded and provides new territory to explore. If the weather is bad you can use an indoor bike trainer such as a fluid trainer.

You can buy an entry level road bike for just a few hundred dollars and if you’re concerned about when you’d find the time, try riding to work, or part of the way. You’ll not only be benefiting your health but also the environment. The heath benefits of cycling are numerous including weight loss, strength and cardio-vascular fitness. When you exercise sensibly and regularly you’ll have more energy, sleep better and get more done due to being more focused. The incremental effects of an exercise plan that you can integrate into your everyday life are cumulative so as you progress you’ll notice and enjoy even greater results .

As a low cost, low impact way to improve strength and cardio-vascular health cycling represents a great option for improving your health and fitness. Starting is as easy as getting on your bike and riding. The simple freedom this represents may well hook you from the start and as you progress and notice the benefits of regular exercise you’ll be motivated to continue further. Whether you plan on competing or do it for the simple pleasure of fresh air and better health, recording your rides is a great way to see your progress. 

So — if you want an easy, in expensive way to get fit, get riding.