Cool Halloween Costume Ideas For 2011

For adults, a Halloween party is a great opportunity for them to showcase their very best Halloween costume ideas.  For children and teens, trick-or-treating is a fun time to dress up and pretend to be their favorite comic book hero, TV star, or scary monster.

Ladies costumes have come a long way.  Today, you’ll be hard pressed to find the old style witches and kittens of previous years.  Women of all ages are now putting together their own funny, sexy, and modern Halloween costume ideas.  A lot of gals fancy dressing up as a movie star or their favorite singer.  Fantasy themes are also very popular, with princesses, devils, and fairies seen everywhere during the holiday season.  There are also a wide variety of sexy Halloween costumes for women available from nurse or maid to devil or vampiress.

And for couples, there are many Halloween costume ideas for them to go as a duo.  Many couples like to go as their favorite movie star or celebrity couples.  A more classic approach would be to dress as the President and First Lady or Adam and Eve, (the latter of which is pretty easy since they require very little clothing).  Another approach for couple’s costumes is to go as famous cartoon couples such as Aladdin and Jasmine, Beauty and the Beast, the Big Bad Wolf and Little Red Riding Hood, or Homer and Marge Simpson.

Some cool Halloween costume ideas for teens include pop star, ultimate gamer, or movie character.  Many teen boys also go for funny or shockin costumes such as an evil scarecrow, the Crypt master, the Grim Reaper or Death.

And what would Halloween be without the kids?  There are a tons of Halloween costume ideas for children.  Little girls often like fantasy outfits and dressing up as their favorite characters from movies such as princesses or fairies.  Young boys enjoy cartoon characters and action heros.

Halloween costumes for men can go in a variety of different directions as well.  Many men choose scary or funny costumes.  A lot of guys like to be the center of attention and opt for costumes that make others laugh.  Men’s costumes can also be sexy or based on super stars too.

If you’re looking for more Halloween costume ideas, just keep in mind that a little creativity can go a long way.  To help get your creative juices flowing, check out today.