Convertible Cribs – Growing With Your Child For Years To Come

We all sleep better when in an environment that is familiar and comfortable to us. Children are definitely not the exception to this. Convertible cribs are typically able to convert to a toddler bed and daybed at minimum. A conversion kit will sometimes be included to add convenience for the consumer. The crib mattress can be placed in the toddler bed as well, which means you can save by not having to buy another one. It is critical to carefully read as much information as possible that comes with a convertible crib you are looking to buy to ensure that the necessary tools and materials are included.

In addition to a toddler and daybed, convertible cribs often times can be converted to a full-size bed. All that is required is the purchase of frames and a full-sized mattress, but will have to be purchased separately with almost any convertible crib. A convertible crib will this capability is a huge benefit, as it really adds a lot of longevity.

Safety is the top priority of on a new parent’s list. Selecting a crib that’s safe is paramount. JPMA is a certification program that judges how safe a crib is. Convertible cribs that meet their expectations will be labeled “JPMA certified. The top cribs meet and often times exceed these safety regulations. Another way to evaluate safety is to read customer reviews and product information. You will be able to find out rather quickly whether the crib is safe enough for your baby.

The manufacturers of convertible cribs have not overlooked the fact that all new parents have their tastes and styles. Convertible cribs are available in a number of finishes such as espresso, natural, white, amber, cherry, caramel, and more. You may even find some that come in black or pink. They also come in a variety of designs. Sometimes parents will already have their nursery set up before they purchase the crib, and will therefore look for one that matches their decor. You can also decide to buy the crib first and build the nursery around the crib.

A convertible crib provides a nice place for your child to rest each night. He or she will enjoy the familiarity for many years to come.

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