Branding Your Design Collection

Branding Your Collection

Having a name is an important part of one’s identity.  We spend such a lot of time thinking of the perfect name to give to youngsters and even to pets.  Yet you take such a great deal of time planning and designing your own jewelry, but do not take a little time to think about your jewelry brand.  Even titling a work of creativity can be pretty tough and would take heaps of time for you to decide and there would surely be masses of mind-changing going on.  

When branding your jewelry collection, you have to make sure that it communicates what the concept of the designs is all about.  It also has to give it that certain appeal and the facility to spark the interest of potential buyers.  Don’t be afraid to experiment with even some of the strangest word combinations.  When something pops into your head, write it down!  Nothing is too crazy for this.  

Another thing that’s crucial when coming up with a name for your collection is that the name must be attention grabbing and attention keeping.  It helps if it is easy to pronounce and easy to remember.  Some of the finest titles have nothing to do with the product itself but it actually makes folk curious and they turn out to be awfully effective.  

Collection names are also much better if they are short because as mentioned above, it makes them better to remember.  But ensure that you can convey the gist of the collection in a few short words.  It would also be a smart idea to omit words that are obvious such as jewelry, necklace, etc .  

Aglorious good~ great} tip to recollect when coming up with names is to have a dictionary or a thesaurus close by.  These will help you to come up with words that you would not have thought of in the 1st place.  There may be a number of better methods to say pretty or shiny and your lexicon will help you with that.  

You can also choose to pick words that are from a different language.  This gives your name a marginally different flavor.  It also helps that some words in other languages may seem much better or a ton more romantic.  

Of course I did say that nothing is too crazy when coming up with names but this only applies during your brainstorming session.  But it is very important to stick in the general feel of your collection.  Perhaps using word combinations that are far more explicit instead of obscure will help in communicating the theme better.  

Beading and jewelry making is a way to express yourself.  Once you are able to make stunning jewelry pieces don’t forget that your name will become related to you and you need to express this as well.  Take some time creating a perfect name for your unique creations, whether you are making Christmas beaded ornaments or studded gemstone bracelets.