Big Problems With Cheap Scrapbooking And How You Can Beat Them – Part 1

Folks have given cheap scrapbooking a bad name during the past couple of years. Many people turn up their nose when the subject is brought up and its quickly dismissed. After having seen so many albums work out so well with no need to spend a huge amount, I decided now is time to tackle the issues that some folks have when putting together an album on the cheap.

No Spare Materials

This is a lie that has been conjured up in somebody’s imagination. You’ll find that there is always spare material for cheap scrapbooking, some people simply do not believe that they have any materials anywhere.

Cast your mind to your closets, spare rooms and garages. Whats in those boxes? Whats sitting around on the bottom shelf or in a pile in a room that doesn’t get used. If somebody thinks they have no spare material – they are not looking hard enough. A bit of searching will turn up a load of cheap scrapbooking supplies.

Each house I have been into has a tiny area stacked with things that they are not using but just can’t bear to put in the bin or might use at a later time . Well, now is that time – and there’s a good use for it!

No Time

While this is an individual thing, its still something that can influence your scrapbooking as a whole. It seems that time is at a premium these days . Between work, home and family the available time for yourself seems to be continually shrinking.

Your best bet is to find an out of the way place, a spare room or a corner in a room that is less used than others and set up your scrapbooking workspace there. You will be surprised by how much additional time you get when you are out of view .

The following article will be focusing on the results of your cheap scrapbooking efforts and how to get the very best outcome from each album.

Till then, happy scrapping!

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