5 Essential Tips To Help Keep Your Child Focussed During Maths Revision

Periods when children are studying for upcoming exams are extremely stressful for them.  This stress is so prevalent because many students need to secure certain grades to gain entry to their chosen college or university.  Due to the fact that maths can prove to be a difficult subject to learn and also the weight given to it; there is no surprise that it is the subject that causes to most worry.  As a result students can often become frustrated with maths revision and are then easily distracted.  Here we look at five different ways that you can assist your child during maths revision and help them stay focussed.

Encourage regular breaks

Studies have demonstrated that we learn best when utilising relatively short study periods of about 40-45 minutes.  Therefore you should encourage your child to take regular breaks, lasting for 10-15 minutes.  You should also make sure that they take their break away from their study desk so that they return to it feeling refreshed and ready to study.

Selecting the right diet

Our learning and memory skills can be greatly enhanced by eating the right foods, which means that getting your child’s diet right can be imperative.  So do a little research on this and provide your child with meals and snacks that will improve their brain power.

Do their chores

The majority of parents will ask their children to undertake chores as a way of increasing responsibility.  If you child does do some chores then you may want to consider releasing them from these duties whilst they are undertaking maths revision.  Although the chores may not be too big or time consuming, the fact that they have one less thing to worry about can help focus their concentration on the important act of studying.

Support where you can

You can show support and interest by getting involved in the maths revision wherever possible.   This can be achieved by discussing and offering any advice that you are able to on certain subjects, which should help spread the burden.  Alternatively you could give them tests on the topics that they are revising.

Efforts rewarded

Alongside the regular 10-15 minute breaks that we mentioned earlier, you should also encourage lengthier spells away from maths revision.  For example a trip to the cinema or just going out for a meal as a family.  Or you could just provide them with a lift to their friend’s house so they can spend some time relaxing with them.