Study Abroad: Fun And Interesting Way To Learn Spanish

Knowing how to speak one more language, particularly Spanish, is important if you are in the healthcare profession. Why is there are need to speak Spanish? Well, for one thing, this language is spoken by almost 400 million people all over the world.`There is a need to learn Spanish since it is spoken by almost 400 million people worldwide. Actually, half of the population in the Western Hemisphere speaks the language. In the US, this is the second most widely spoken language after English. For this, being bilingual is becoming more valuable for people who live in the US. If you are in the healthcare profession and want to learn Spanish, the best way to do that is to study abroad. It can be observed that nowadays, many hospitals are requiring their staff to speak some Spanish, especially if you will be assigned in the ER. It is very important that you speak Spanish clearly while in the ER since not being able to communicate and understand the language can spell the difference between life and death conditions.

You have many choices to take if you wish to learn Spanish. Taking language lessons on your free day is one option. With this option, it may take sometime before you can actually master the language especially if you are working fulltime and then studying Spanish on the side. Today, a more popular choice for those who want to learn other languages is being involved in immersion programs. The advantage of this is that it is easier to learn Spanish in Costa Rica compared if you are in your own country. Immersion involves you living with the locals and participating in their cultural activities. Programs like these are available at Spanish schools, wherein there are specialized courses designed only for pre-med and medical students as well as other healthcare professionals.

One good thing about this program is that you educate yourself on the nation’s medical system in addition to learning the language and culture of different Spanish speaking countries. This very interesting program combines language learning, medical terminologies, cultural exposure trips, and hands on activities all in one, making medical Spanish learning fun, easy, and exciting. It is as if you are not studying a new language but merely taking your much-needed vacation from the stress and bustle of the medical profession. If you enroll in the Spanish language program called SALUD, you have five options to take. You have the option to immerse with the locals of Costa Rica. Here, the Spanish/Medical program combines language classes with instructions about Costa Rican health care systems. You will also get the chance to do some observational visits and clinical observations to various medical centers here. Among the other places to learn Spanish include Cusco in Peru, La Ceiba in Honduras, Antigua in Guatemala, and Quito in Ecuador.