Shirt Ironing Guide

Men who wish to make a good impression or simply want to look stylish when going out or off to work understand the importance of clean, crisp clothing. One of the quickest ways to cause others to send a sour look a man’s way is for him to wear a messy, wrinkled shirt. It suggests laziness and a lack of attention to detail. In order to avoid an embarrassing situation, it is important to know how to properly iron men’s shirts.

You may as well start at the top, so begin by ironing the collar. Start at one point of the collar and carefully make your way to the other. This presses the underlying neck band simultaneously. To perform the task properly, make sure the shoulder seam is on the narrower end of the board and have the collar turn toward the broad end. The sleeve closest to the point of the collar you are working on will hang off the narrow part of the ironing board while the front and back of the shirt simply dangle off the sides. Finally, carefully and slowly iron the collar from one point to the other.

Moving on to the body of the shirt, you will want to position the shirt so that the top of the front is at the end of the ironing board. Alternate ironing each side, starting with either the button side or the hole side. It doesn’t matter which you start with. Iron the cuffs next by turning them inside out so that the visible seam stitching does not obtain a glaring shine.

Before you begin pressing the sleeves, button the cuffs and lay the underarm seam on the board. The seam should be flat on the board, folded and even. Begin where the underarm seam meets the shirt and move down the sleeve while you flatten the cuff pleat. Once finished with the sleeves, flip the shirt down on its button side and press the back. Move the iron up and down while gently pulling the shirt at the bottom so that a 3 to 4 inch pleat is formed.

Every iron will heat to slightly different temperatures based on setting, but as long as you reserve higher heat for 100% cotton and flannel while keeping it much cooler for permanent press, you will be fine. Once you are used to your particular iron’s tendencies, it won’t be a problem at all. Keep these pointers in mind, and you will have a wrinkle-free men’s shirt ready to wow.

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