Learn If You Need Botox For Excessive Sweating

There are some people who suffer the condition called hyperhidrosis or excessive sweating. This condition is a little bit uncomfortable and even embarrassing that’s why people have been researching for a cure for it. Now our doctors and researchers learned in their studies that the Botulinum toxin is very useful for helping people with this condition. This page is a good reference for learning how to determine if they are a good candidate for a Botox treatment for their hyperhidrosis.

First, be sure that you consult with your doctor. It is important that you determine if the excess sweating is not being caused by any underlying condition like menopause, obesity, a metabolic disorder or nerve damage. If your thyroid gland is overactive this can also be a cause. These are all considered secondary hyperhidrosis. This entails treating the primary condition first in able to cure the hyperhidrosis. This is something we try to determine of potential clients of our Solana Beach medical spa service.

Number two, know where your hyperhidrosis is located. Observe if the sweating is generalized or just in a certain area. These are the most common focal areas for hyperhidrosis: underarms, soles of feet, palms of hands and even the face for some. Most sufferers of hyperhidrosis experience it in their underarms. Determine where it happens so you can tell your doctor. This is another thing we try to determine in our perlane injections Solana Beach practice.

Last, you can try the other options if you only have focal hyperhidrosis. Try strong deodorants since they can also be quite effective. You can also try Iontophoresis which is a curious treatment that uses torch battery electricity to ‘switch off’ the sweat glands. You can still try Botox if these options are not effective on you. Botox treatments should be done by professionals only. This is something we make sure our clients understand in our dysport injections San Diego service.

You have just read the considerations before getting Botox treatment for your hyperhidrosis. It is recommended to seek the advice of your doctor so you can use the other remedies first. Go to doctors who are certified to perform Botox injections to be safe and so that you will not have to worry much.