How To Choose A Baby Monitor

When you were a kid, you may have secretly used a baby monitor to listen in on your neighbor’s telephone conversations. But these days, baby monitors are definitely more advanced than only being able to simply pick up or transmit sound waves. Some come with video monitoring as well. Choosing the right monitor, can therefore be difficult and often times confusing, because the options are virtually limitless! Now, you might be thinking to yourself, that you just want to find the simplest monitoring “contraption” which has the littlest feedback squeal, and want to keep things as simple as possible. However, all you need to do is know exactly what to look for when choosing your next baby monitor, so use these tips as a guideline.


Now for a lot of families, the price is naturally going to be an issue in making your decision. It is ok to have a budget; however you should not make your decision based solely on how much it will cost you. The best thing to do when it comes to the price of a system, is to simply use the price as way to measure out how many features you are getting for that price. Also, if you just choose a baby monitor based on how low the price is, you may find that you will end up having to return it anyways, because it will malfunction, and you don’t want to be taking that risk when it comes to your baby. Instead, look at what you get and for what price you get it, and lots of features could make up for a higher price! Take the time to gather information. There are several magazines and websites where you can find ratings for almost any product; go to one of these for research. These publications can give you comparisons on the different baby monitors and help you to make an educated decision. This is a good way to find out which brands are a good value, have the best record and which are flawed. If you really want to learn which products have the best performance record and give you the most value, these are types of reviews you should study. In publications and sites like these you can at least be confident that you’re getting independent reviews. It’s easy to put up positive reviews on a company website, but they simply are not as trustworthy as reviews that are created in the interest of education instead of sales.


Check out the user reviews on sites like Amazon or other massive sales sites. These are good reviews to read because they are from people who have bought the product, not by those selling it. On sites like this you have to be ready to read dozens if not hundreds of reviews. It’s likely that whatever you look up will have people who rate it five stars (highest) and those who only give it one star, and everything in between. For this reason, you have to look for useful specific information so you can make an educated decision. Only this way can you decide if the monitor in question is what you are looking for.


In the end, you should consider just how extensive you want the system to be, so that it will work best for you and your family. You should also assess the lifetime expectancy of the system, in case you want to have more children in the near future as well, and also so that you know it will last for the entire time you need it to monitor your baby. Remember that the type of monitor you will need depends on your whole family, and once you know what you want, all you need to do after this is find the right monitor which can do what you need it to do, and you’ll finally be set!

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