How To Apply Fertilizers To Trees

Trees are great to have in our homes since they provide much needed shade when the sun shines brightly during summer. If you can grow trees in your garden without a problem then you are one of the blessed few since not all garden soils are conducive for growing trees. This is why fertilization is much needed if you want to have your tree growing well. This article will teach you how fertilizers are applied to trees.

Number one, you have the surface soil application. This one is the type that our ancestors have been using for years. They put dead branches, leaves and other stuff that are biodegradable on top of their soil. The simple process of decomposition by nature is then allowed to do its job. Once these are decomposed then the minerals will go to the soil and eventually to the roots of the tree. This is the type that tree service articles are using today. They utilize processed fertilizers though . This is something we provide information on in our tree service Boulder company.

Number two, you have foliar application. This simply means that the fertilizer is applied by spraying it on the leaves. This is usually scheduled during spring when growth activity increases. Foliar application is actually a short term fix for mineral deficiencies. This type of application is the type used on fruit bearing trees so that they will be more fruitful. This is another piece of advise our clients seek in our tree trimming Westminster, CO service.

Last, you have the sub-surface application. This type is used when the tree is planted in a manicured ground where there is Bermuda grass or the like. This will help you in giving the tree the important nutrients instead of the grass. The fact that grass absorbs minerals faster measn you have to either drill holes into the ground or inject them into the soil so that the roots will benefit and not the grass. You will be able to give the tree the nutrients in full when this is done. This is becoming more popular as seen in our Tree removal Broomfield, CO service.

These are some of the fertilizer application types that tree service companies are using today. All of these application types are effective for particular situations. Hiring the services a tree service company will ensure that your tree will get the best attention. All you need to do is to relax and trust their judgement and you will see your trees flourishing.