Guide To Your Braking System

One of the most crucial components of your car is your brakes. Brakes are there to provide you the ability to stop so that you don’t get into any collision. You only have to imagine what would happen if your car had no brakes and you are going at high speeds. Your brakes are very important in making sure that you are safe and it plays an important role in maintaining that safety. So it is therefore a good idea for you to make sure that your brakes are always working properly, but there are times wherein the brakes may break down. In this article, we will be discussing some things you can do to repair your brakes.

To start with, it is important that you know what your braking system is composed of. The brakes are composed of basically two components which are your brake pads and your brake rotors. Pressing on the brake pedal will stop the car because the caliper will press on the two brake pads onto the rotor disc. So you should determine that these two parts are fully functioning if ever you encounter problems with your brakes. You would do well to also check on some of the other parts of your system like your master cylinder, but these parts can withstand a long time without regular maintenance. We provide this information to clients of our San Diego auto repair shop.

And then it is important that you know the symptoms of a defective brake. A quick review of the symptoms will help you a lot, so you should be wary about any screeching emanating from the tires. This screeching sound is heard because the caliper and the rotor are in contact with each other, and the screeching is from the metal to metal contact. This is simply just replacing your brake pads, and should not cost you a lot. Another difficulty would be when you press the pedal and it does not stop, which can indicate some air bubbles in the line. This would require that you bleed the system to get the air bubbles out. It is advisable that you have a technician do this for you. We also try to help with the education by explaining what we are doing in our smog test San Diego service.

Finally, you would do well if you do regular maintenance on your brakes. One way to make sure that your system would work well is to keep the brake fluid at the optimum level. It is also important that you do not speed up your car too much, because a high speed car will require a more powerful braking action. It is also important that you stop smoothly. Sudden stops will not be healthy on your brakes, as it will wear them out faster, and you will also be prone to more accidents. We specialize in customer service to clients of our San Diego brake shop.

Those are some of the things that is very important when maintaining your brakes. Making sure that proper maintenance is done on your braking system will help you avoid incurring any huge repair bills in the future.