Enjoy The Best Afternoon Teas

Teas are welcome anytime of the day including afternoons. Afternoon tea or high tea is a time to socialise and relax with buddies. When talking about afternoon tea, the general public have a tendency to overlook the type of the tea they’re enjoying. Since afternoon is a time of savory foods, it is important that you go in for teas that match up to the flavour of these teas. Let us take a quick look at some of the finest selections that you have.

If we discuss the afternoon teas, the brand that’s most trusted is the Earl Grey. It is considered best among the black teas. It has a citrus flavour unlike any other black teas. A distinct flavor in this tea is due to the bergamot oil present in it. If you want to savor each moment with this tea, you should try Madeline cakes and lavender cookies with it.

Assam teas are your best choice if you’re partial to teas with an extra powerful flavour. Grown in the state of Assam in India, the tea of the area is indicated by an astringent like, strong and powerful taste. The tough flavors of the brew make it a perfect accompaniment for fuller foods such as fries and sandwiches. Nevertheless you have to avoid these snacks if you’re suffering from high blood pressure. You will also choose to blend your tea with milk and sugar to dilute the strong tastes.

Even Ceylon Tea is a favored choice among the masses. It comes from Sri Lanka explaining why it is also favored called Sri Lankan black tea. This brand produces teas of varied kinds like the white oolong tea, black tea and green tea. The variety in the Ceylon Black Tea is the Uva, Orange Pekoe and Dimbulla. All 3 have a well defined flavor and texture which makes them different from one another.

In case you often are afflicted by headaches, the Chamomile Tea is the best for you. It would definitely relieve you in almost no time. This is one reason why a number of tea fans love this tea. And, if you want to try it with some food items then, fruity snacks are the best choice.

As the green tea has a fragile taste, barely anyone finds it fit for the afternoon. But, you’ve got a powerful green tea too and that is the gunpowder green tea. It is famous for its enlightening bold flavour. There aren’t many food items that you can pair the green tea with but try it with ham or chicken sandwiches. It would taste so good that you would forget your back trouble.

Each tea has its own distinct flavour and smell. So, sip any of these and have a refreshing experience.