Drainage System Maintenance

Drainage is an integral part of your plumbing system, therefore it is important that you regularly maintain it. In the old days you will find yourself hard-pressed to clean your drainage system. The technologies that we have today have made the cleaning of drainages easier. Assess if you have to hire professionals to clean your drainage system. This article will help you to know how to clean your drainage.

First, you can clean your drainage yourself using baking soda or other drain cleaning chemicals. Actually, you can use a plunger to help you remove clogs in your drainage. But in case a plunger is unable to remove the debris in your drainage, you can use some chemicals which will dissolve the debris. Vinegar and baking soda will also be an effective  combination for cleaning your drainages. You can also use low grade chemicals for clearing away debris.  This is something we show to all of our clients of our Burbank plumber company.

Number two, you can also try to use high pressure water jets. These high pressure water jets are part of the new technologies that are being used for the cleaning of drains. Utilizing these will make sure that you will remove all the grease and sludge that is in the drainage system. It is generally used for most commercial establishments like restaurants and high volume traffic buildings. This method is going to help you remove all the grease and sludge that is found inside your drainage system.  We do this on a lot of our service calls in our plumbers Downey service.

Third, plumbers can use special tools depending on the situation. You can find a small cutting blade very useful when you have a tough time removing clogs. Or they can use acid washing technique to remove any algae or fungus which clings to the walls of the pipe. You can view the clogged area via a small camera that is attached to the handle of the blade.  That is why we make sure to have all the latest technology in our plumbing Inglewood service.

These are the things that you can do to help you maintain your clogged drains. A well maintained drainage system will help you to prevent the drainage system from becoming a breeding ground of bacteria.