Discover The Bonsai Care Instructions For Hobbyists

Growing Bonsai

The ancient art of growing miniature plants has once been associated with the elite Japanese society. This has been the practice that has earned much recognition all over the world. As the years pass by, growing these small trees has been so popular that even new gardeners are looking for the best bonsai book to get quick bonsai care instructions to follow.

Here’s an easy reference to go to so you would know how to take care of these little trees:

It is important to know when to water these plants. The goal is to ensure that you only provide these plants with water whenever it is dry. Here’s one tip, you can insert a chopstick on the soil just to check if it is damp. Now if you find the stick too dry, then give time to water the plant, especially during  on early hours in the morning. Then you can also place another tray below where the present container is located,  just for your to catch the excess flow of water that came out of the holes of the pot. Please remember that they would need additional water, especially during spring to keep them hydrated. You can use plain rain water as it works best for these kinds or other clean and clear types that does not contain harmful chemicals.

You also have to keep the right bonsai tool kits as it is a must when growing these small trees. You need to have shears, trunk splitters, cutters, branch benders, saws, pliers, root rakes, scissors, leaf trimmers  and picks that are custom made to take care of these small plants. Just make sure to keep these gardening tools in tip top condition as you trim and pinch these small trees in order to maintain their good shape and health.

Make sure to spend some time for you to combine the soil with the right amount of fertilizer. This provides just the nutrients that they need along with much water supply to grow well. Just make a set schedule so you can do this monthly, according to the bonsai book, of course except during winter because it is well known that having too much fertilizer will cause their leaves to burn.

Changing pots every two to three years can also help your plant to grow and position itself well as the new and smaller roots grow. As part of bonsai care instructions you just have to carefully remove the roots from the pot, dusting away the excess soil gently so you can trim the outer roots and plant it back inside another pot. You need to do this during early spring or mid summer, just check your tree specimen for more information.

Please remember that these small trees are also in need of the right amount of sun exposure. It is well recommended to do this for three hours, during  early in the morning. Also, you can choose to position them well enough to choose either expose the partial shade or give them full exposure,well, that highly depends on the classification of your bonsai tree. Please remember that getting sun exposure also helps them produce their needed food and support the bonsai’s growth.

It is truly interesting to grow these types of trees because they have special needs. No wonder a lot of new gardening enthusiasts are looking for the list of quick bonsai care instructions everyday to help them start caring for one. Just pay close attention to the needs of these plants based on their classifications along with these tips in order to keep these special trees healthy.