Cheap Scapbooking Around The House

When I trade cheap scrapbooking tips with my girlfriends there is one thing that often pops up. It seems that many people feel it to be quite hard.

A lot of them like the concept of using supplies they already have, however when get stumped with what to actually use, they customarily turn to buying a few pieces from a store. And before they know it, they have purchased a massive bunch of new items for their album at a much larger cost.

So to help to avoid this, I have laid out some simle places in your place you can search for some scrapbooking items.

The Spare Room

This should probably be the first port of call for someone looking to save cash scrapping. It will get the most gains for the least amount of work, and best of all – you may not even have to go another room to source supplies.

Nearly each home I have been to has a room or at least a corner, cupboard, shed, garage or book shelf that is storing stuff that people are not actually going to use anymore.

So it’s an excellent place to begin.

The Stationery Cupboard

This is not necessarily a cupboard, it could be a drawer, box, shelf or anything really. It is the area where each household stores their pens, pencils, extra paper, envelopes, wrapping paper and any number of supplies.

Using stationery is a good way of filling in blank spaces, creating backgrounds for your layouts, backings for pictures and adding a little bit of colour and flair to your albums.

The Garden Shed

The yard shed is superb for finding more rough materials. Here you’ll find stuff like additional pieces of paints, plaster, woodchips wood, and metal filings. While they are rather rough and textured materials, they can truly add some flavour and coarseness to an album – if that’s the look you are going for.

There are a lot of places you can search around your home for cheap scrapbooking items – and I’m sure there are a bunch of places in your home that I haven’t covered that you could search.

For heaps more simple and cheap scrapbooking tips check out Janette Miller’s site now where you can also get 10 free scrapbook layouts!