What Separates The Best Science Fair Projects From All Others?

Take the time to think about what you actually mean by the “best science projects” before you choose one for your child’s science fair. Parents sometimes get too involved in the idea that bigger is better when it comes to school presentations It is a mistake to think of things that way.

Is there something in particular to be looking for? Most of the time you will find certain fundamental things that are in all of the best science projects. The appropriate grade level is one of them. This way you can be sure that they will best understand the project and can relax and have fun with it. Having kids work on projects that are above their age level will only end up with a lot of tears, questions and stressful times. Even if the project had fun elements, the report will be awful as they can’t do a good job explaining it.

Moving on to the next thing, you want them to have some fun with the project. When kids are having fun, that means they are paying attention, and when that happens they learn. It doesn’t matter if you are looking at evaporation, figuring out how much Vitamin C is in foods, how much sun a flower needs to grow, or how long it takes Alka Steltzer to fizz away, the experiment should be fun to do.

The best projects are ordinarily the least involved ones.  There will be directions that are easy to grasp and the methods of recording the data will be simple. You can have a complicated concept, but when you are doing it it can get quite frustrating if the whole thing has too many intricate steps.

Lastly, when looking for the best science projects you will notice that ordinary ingredients are used. Running around the house to get all these materials can be fun for the kids as they get everything ready. It makes the whole thing more meaningful.