The Basics Of Laser Hair Removal

Most women will opt to have their body hair removed for a better physical appearance. One of the best ways to do this is through Laser Hair Removal. Your dermatologist will be able to accomplish this for you or even on certified spas. There are also portable laser hair removal machines available for use in the market today. Read on and learn all about laser hair removal.

First, we learn about how it’s done. The hair is actually trimmed to something less than an inch to make removing it easy. The amount of anesthetic cream that will be applied will depend on the tolerance of the client. The laser machine then produces a pulse beam which is directed to the hair follicles. The pigments absorb it and directly damage the hair follicle.  You will then maintain it with the use of a flexible mirror for hard to see areas.

Second, we learn about the laser hair removal frequency of treatment. This hair removal method is very effective in removing unwanted hair. The amount of time spent in removing the hair will depend on the growth of the hair so that you will be able to achieve a silky smooth finish. But it usually ranges from 4 to 7, depending on the average growth of your hair.  But it is an easier alternative to using shave body hair tools.

Last but not least, we’ll discover the side effects of having this procedure. Usually, the only side effect is the burning sensation when the procedure is being done. There may also be darkening on the skin especially if the skin is on the darker side. This will depend on the amount of melanin you have.  You can maintain those areas with the use of a bathroom shaving mirrors to see those hard to see areas.

There you have some guide about laser removal. This is one of the most popular in terms of removing hair in the market nowadays. Women prefer to have this procedure because it is a great help in terms of keeping and maintaining a silky smooth underarms and legs. This will lessen the time that will take from them in terms of doing any waxing or shaving on a weekly basis to remove any hair on either underarms or legs. But be sure that you only undergo this procedure from certified dermatologists and spas.