Sydney Ultrasound On The Seventh Week Of Pregnancy

The first ultrasound your doctor will require of you will probably be around the seventh week of your pregnancy. A seven week Sydney ultrasound is really exciting because you will most likely be seeing the first glimpse of your unborn baby. If you have confirmed your pregnancy by this point, then you may find yourself already at the doctor waiting to have your first ultrasound done.

What to expect from ultrasound

There are many things that this ultrasound can tell you, but these are still not all definite and so you shouldn’t be expecting too many things from this method. You should definitely not expect to already find out the sex of your baby because that is just not possible. What you will see will just be a small dark dot in the middle of the image.

This is actually your baby. Your baby will only be a small entity and you will likely not see any identifiable body parts yet. You should take the time to make the most of this stage of your pregnancy, despite the fact that you will not be able to make out much of their form. You should be able to see their heartbeat, which is one of the most exciting things about that first seven week ultrasound imaging.

How is ultrasound performed

This ultrasound will most probably be a trans vaginal ultrasound. This kind of Sydney ultrasound is different from the normal ultrasound which is done on your abdomen. This type will have the doctor putting the devise inside of you. This will enable them to have a much clearer image of the baby. Doctors also will be able to tell more or less when your baby will be due to come out. At the early pregnancy, it is likely that the dates are not completely and totally accurate. This is why it is important to have another ultrasound a little later on in the pregnancy in order to ensure that the computed dates are correct.

How to get the best images

When you are about to have your ultrasound, you will be asked beforehand to drink lots of water in order to make your bladder full. This is absolutely necessary to get the best image possible. Take some time to make the most of your seven week ultrasound by getting the best images. Just make sure that you follow every instruction of your doctor when having your Sydney ultrasound to give you those perfect images that you can add to your baby album.

So if you haven’t scheduled your seven week Sydney ultrasound yet, better do it now so you don’t miss a unique opportunity to connect more fully with your unborn baby.