Simply Sweet Cricut Cartridge By Provocraft

Girls who are into creating scrapbooks can now enjoy a wider selection of letters, numbers, and unique characters from the Merely Sweet Cricut cartridge, a font cartridge made by Provo Craft. This package consists of the complete set of the English alphabet, numbers, the most commonly employed punctuation marks, icons, and phrases. Aside from that, you will discover also specialized phrased icons included in the cartridge like “Merry Christmas,” “Congrats,” “Just since,” along with a lot extra. Such package will be of fun and a terrific help to people who are fond of scrapbooking and making greeting cards and paper designs.

Merely Sweet has comparatively minimalistic design than the other cartridges. They are for individuals who take pleasure in performing straightforward scrapbooks utilizing simply-cut letters and numbers. Users can apply their cut outs for labeling baby books or creating, for example, miniature alphabet books for small youngsters.

When it comes to projects that can be made utilizing this cartridge, you’ll find endless possibilities. For scrapbooking alone, this cartridge’s strength lies in it’s simplicity making it able to be used for numerous various projects and crafts. It could be employed also for straightforward, yet elegant greeting cards and stunning designs. On the other hand, they can also fit hipper and trendier designs. These shapes, letters and icons can nonetheless perfectly be matched with designs from the other cartridges inside the Cricut line.

The Basically Sweet Cartridge includes a number of basic shapes such as a circle, a heart, a square, a flower, a heart, a butterfly, a star, and some baby icons. This can be a mixture of diverse emblems and images, mostly those which are commonly utilized and seen in everyday life. People who already have experience utilizing this cartridge have attested to the usefulness of all letters, numbers, and shapes that this package gives since according to them, “These are what we basically will need(cricut).”