Savoring The Benefits And Flavors Of Organic Coffee

There’s so many benefits you can get from drinking coffee. Research has proven that those who drank coffee regularly have less chances of getting dementia or Alzheimer’s disease in the future; are less at risk to diabetes; are at less risk to having gallstones or developing Parkinson’s disease; and perform better mentally and gain a better mood. But because of the chemicals brought about by instant and decaffeinated coffee, the product is also considered as a contributing factor to heart disease, cancer, and organ damage.

So to enjoy the health benefits of coffee instead of the harmful effects, it’s best to stick with organic ones like organic fair trade coffee. These are a collection of various coffees made from different parts of the world that are rather fresh, healthy, and more naturally tasting than other coffee products. Oxfam fair decaffeinated organic ground coffee is a full flavored coffee that originated from Peru.  Unlike other decaffeinated coffees that have lost their caffeine through methylene chloride process that’s known to leave carcinogens, this organic fair trade coffee is naturally water processed. So you get to enjoy risk-free decaf, that’s still full on flavor. If you want something richer, more savoury, and one that suits world-class taste, the Oxfam fair World Blend Organic Espresso Ground Coffee is the perfect choice. It’s premium arabica blend organic fair trade coffee that’s made possible by Africa, Latin America, and Asia Pacific.

If you want something that’s not too strong, the Oxfam fair Ethiopia Organic Ground Coffee will be great to drink at tea time with friends. It’s sourced from Ethiopia and it’s got classic taste, medium body, and slight intensity. With still much flavor, it’s one fair trade coffee that you can have several cups of. And if you want something sweet, like your favorite frappe, you ought to purchase the Oxfam fair East Timor Ground Coffee. Still with a medium body, it’s much more sweet tasting than the fair trade coffee products.