Ignorance Of The Law Led Hoffman-La-Roche To Millions Of Accutane Lawsuits

What makes Hoffman-La-Roche ignorant in the eyes of many consumers is that they just neglect the basic rule in the Consumer Protection Law. For those who have no idea yet about the black agenda of this manufacturer, well, they were selling products that are known to be fatal to unborn kids and health-risk for the accutane users hence it has an active ingredient called isotretinoin. Hoffman-La-Roche’s fault is they hid the truth and still pursue in selling accutane to the market, and no wonder they get millions of accutane lawsuit settlements.

The good point that must be given importance here is that, they are aware of the real consequence and that’s it, yet they allow the product to be displayed in the market. Imagine, they promoted accutane drug to the market since 1982 and years after there are a lot of complains already regarding the efficacy or the side effects of accutane. The accutane manufacturer were not fair in this case, they gained millions of profit those days without looking over the potential damage in their company and most of all in their consumers. Just to make it general, we consumers usually buy prescribed medicines just because it was being prescribed to us. Way back accutane history, they’ve made a lot of changes in prescribing accutane most especially to those women capable of giving birth and that, afterwards, FDA finally has its final decision in pulling out accutane from the market. Plus, common syndromes came out which strengthens a lot of accutane lawsuit complainants filing against Hoffman-La-Roche. Other than that, million dollar accutane lawsuits has been piling up after the big news that was published in the American Journal of Gastroenterology April 2010 edition stating the range of acquiring ulcerative colitis which will only lead accutane user to another medical bills for the surgical removal of colon.