How To Make Sure You Stay Safe With A Wooden Playpen

As adults regularly use wooden playpens to let their babies play in while they attend to their household chores, its necessary that the following tips are followed to ensure the playpen security.


  • Make sure that you have not left your baby alone in the playpen for too long. You will need to make sure that you check on your baby frequently if you have left him or her alone in the playpen no matter how safe you feel the playpen is.


  • Make sure the wooden playpen is securely locked when your baby is in it. Failure to do this could mean that the sides become loose and if this happens, your baby could escape.


  • Your baby should not be able to get to the latches and bolts on the wooden playpen. The baby could easily open the playpen if these latches and bolts are within easy reach.


  • Wooden playpens have gaps between the slats but this gap should not be wider than 2.4 inches or 6.1 cm. If the gaps were any wider, then you could find that your baby’s head gets caught.


  • The wood on your playpen should be splinter free and should be very smooth to touch.


  • Check the rail covering of the wooden playpen periodically as your baby may chew and rip on its fabric. Any holes or rips can be repaired with cloth tape.


  • Though extra bedding can make the wooden playpen more comfortable for your baby, it is not advisable as it increases the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome.


  • It is okay to leave toys in the playpen. However leaving large toys in the playpen could mean that your baby will use them to get out of the playpen if it is unattended. And toys with strings should be preferably avoided to prevent accidental suffocation.


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