How To Change Your Oil

Your engine performs best if it regularly undergoes changing of the oil. Car motor oil is an important part of the engine system. The motor oil acts as an agent which removes hazardous elements from the engine. The oil filter actually removes the unnecessary elements that may just endanger the engine. You have your primary defense against engine abrasion and deposits. It should be renewed every time you have an oil change in order to make sure that it does not get clogged. This article will teach you a thing or two about changing your engine oil.

First, we have the spin-on oil filter. This has been the standard of oil filters for years. This is a filter which is fitted inside a metal can and can be detached from the engine. Therefore, the cleaning and installation is made easier. This is the most common one we do in our San Diego Amsoil dealers company.

Next is the cartridge type oil filter. You will save more with this filter but you have to endure the drips when you replace or clean it. Be wary though since it can be dangerous due to the uncertainty of where the drippings may end up at. Cartridge type oil filters also do not last as long as spin-on filters. You have to replace it twice in between your change oils. This is the next most common request in regards to oil changes in our synthetic motor oil shop.

Number three, the materials of your oil filter. Your oil filter materials will make or break the effectivity of your filter. Remember these things categorizes your filter: single-pass efficiency, multi-pass efficiency and micron rating. These are the things which will help maintain your engine. This is something we do as well for people who want high performance cars from our Amsoil transmission fluid service.

You have just read the reasons why changing your oil filter is important. Keep in mind that the right filter is as important as choosing the right oil. Make sure that you choose one which will lengthen your car’s life.