How Scrapbooking Punches Can Help You Save Money

Do you want to scrapbook? This is an enjoyable and intriguing hobby, and one that many like to follow. Actually it’s become a real passion for many. Unfortunately though, it can become quite pricey, especially because you need so many additional things that you can only use once, like paper, and stickers, for example. Because this is a “consumable hobby”, you are going to be spending money not just once, but every time he do it.

How Scrapbooking Punches Can Help You Save Money

Fortunately, punches can help you save cash when you are scrapbooking. This is because you reuse them over and over, thus saving some of the money you would typically use for stickers or other pricey ‘single use’ items.

At the same time, they diminish some of the tedium that will show itself if you’ve got to continually cut shapes out by hand. You can of course save yourself a few dimes by doing this if, however cookie cutter types really do make a much better alternative.

Finding Them “On-The-Cheap”

If you’re truly talented and you need to have a go at this, you can try making your own punches, but most people prefer to buy their’s ready-made.

There are a number of places to find punches and their costs can range significantly. A few things to think about when choosing a one is how flexible it is going to be for a selection of different projects and most vitally, your budget. It’s easy to get carried away with scrapbooking so it is important to hold to a budget to be sure you don’t over spend.

Sharpening “Used Ones”

It's correct that with used punches, you will have an issue with a few of them being dull. But pushing them through a sheet of tin foil (heavy is best) will probably sharpen them up nicely so that you get a load more use out of them. You can also gently sand the edges if putting it through foil does not work to sharpen the edges.

To get more great concepts for scrapbooking punches go to Janette Miller’s internet site, where you may also be in a position to download ten inspiring free scrapbooking layouts.