How a Public Spa nearly killed my family

Ok so we wrote a post quite awhile ago about what you can catch in public swimming pools and hot tubs. Guess what? one of my family members actually caught Pseudomonas Aeruginosa from a public health spa, she went to the local health spa which she always likes to do once a week to have a paddle around in the pool and a relax in the tubs, that night when she got home she complained about itching, we just put it down to dry skin. The next morning when she got up she was not feeling very well at all and we had a look at her rash just below her lower leg. It was red and big it became very sore and became infected.

That morning we took her to the local doctors and he prescribed some antibiotics and that was the end of that. Definitely not we still to the date do not know what antibiotics he actually gave her, but the next morning she had the same rash all over her body and her throat was swollen, she could hardly breathe. We decided to rush her to the nearest A&E centre, by now she was feeling very week her airways were so blocked up and swollen. When we eventually got in there they put her onto a drip and started injecting her with god knows what.

The next morning arrives the rash has almost gone and she looks so much better, well all I can say is that this was a terrifying time for all of us, I do not wish this experience on anybody and the only advice I can give is to get your own swimming pool or hot tubs and keep it clean. If you cannot afford one make sure to ask wherever you are going if they purify there water and how often, if they don’t know what you are talking about stay well clear.