Heelys Vs Street Gliderz – See The Difference

Heelys are quite popular currently for pre-teen kids. But most of the adults do not know what they are. Heelys are shoes similar to sneakers. But it has one unique feature when comparing other shoes. It has a wheel embedded on the heel of shoe. Most people reading this article would be wondering the safety issues revolving around these shoes, but fear not, the wheels can be easily removed.

Pre-teens of aged 9 to 10 are the target market of these Heelys. The shoes have a roller-skating feel about them but are not really roller-skates at all. In heelys, it shifts the weight to the heels. So we can easily “heel”. It is also widely termed as “Heeling”.

Heelys are a fashion trend among the kids, but they are not really safe to be in, for the simple reason that kids will be kids, and anything rolling has a chance to cause damage. Boys at a young age have a tendency of trying deadly stunts and daredevil moves, something that girls of the same age do not naturally do. That is why Heelys are safe for girls. Parents should be very careful before buying a Heely for their children, especially for boys, and must manage them when they are wearing Heelys to avoid the child getting hurt.

But enough about the Heelys. In recent times, the skate-shoe market has seen some real competition. Due to its safety level and strange and uncomfortable designing force the people to bear a grudge against the Heelys. Street Gliderz is there to choose.

Street Gliderz are the talk of the town. Comparing Heelys, these are not independent shoes here we can adjust the heel skates. The Street Gliderz is prepared of polyurethane plastic. This fabric can survive the toughest of surfaces when it comes to skating and the bonus is that it will not do any major smash up to your normal floors. And unlike the Heelys, the Street Gliderz has been deliberate to give you better protection by incorporating two wheels as an alternative of one. In this manner ensuring support to the ankle and for this reason, the probability of going out of control is greatly reduced.

The size of the Street Gliderz can be adjusted in relation to the size of your feet as well. We can easily proceed to but because of the above reasons why the Street Gliderz is the best choice when it comes to shoe skates.

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