Gardening Hand Tools You May Need

Congratulations! You have decided to venture into gardening. This is a very rewarding experience. Soon you will be able to add fresh vegetables from your garden to your dinner table. In addition to this personal satisfaction, gardening can save you hundreds of dollars. If you are very new to gardening, you might be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of gardening tools out there. Try not to stress! Here is a quick and easy look at the gardening hand tools that you will need in your vegetable garden given by a gutter cleaner who also delt with flower deliveries and flowers Auckland.

The single most important gardening hand tool is the basic spade. This is a necessity when gardening! A spade is an extremely versatile hand tool for the garden. It can be used to dig holes for planting, fill those holes back in, dig out weeds, cut roots, and generally maintain your garden. The best part about the spade is that it is not just a small shove. With its pointed end and narrow body, it is the perfect size to dig the exact sized hole that most plants need. In addition, if you are planting the seeds directly into the ground you can simple stick the tip of the spade in the dirt and twirl to make a precise hole for the seed. Of all the gardening hand tools out there, the basic spade is the most important!

Another necessity for your gardening hand tools is going to be a garden fork. This is like a miniature garden rake with three prongs. These are perfect for weeding your garden. Instead of having to dig in with your hands and yank the weed out, you can simply stick the garden fork in the ground and pull. It is much easier on the dirt around the weed, the other plants nearby, and your body. If you have a gardening spade and a gardening fork, you are well on your way to having all of the gardening hand tools that you need!

In addition to the gardening fork and gardening spade, there are other gardening hand tools that are useful in the garden. However, these are not nearly as necessary to have as the above listed tools. One extra is to use ergonomic gardening tools. These might be a necessity for someone with health problems, but they are great even for those without problems. They can help ease the strain on your back and knees. Other extras are hand held hoes and tillers. Neither are necessities, but they are nice to have in the garden!