Best Use Of Paving Slabs

There are lots of ways that one can go about getting paving done. The easiest and most common way is to just pour concrete. While pouring concrete is easier, more people are turning to using paving slabs. There are some situations that are perfect for the use of slabs and others that really just won’t work as well and need another paving method to get done. Regardless of what you decide to do if you are going to use the slabs make sure that you have help available to you because they are very heavy pieces to move around.

To start with you need to decide where you think you would like to use these slabs. Usually you want to cover large areas with the slabs just because they are so large. You should think about using these as part of a patio or a large veranda. You could always pave your driveway with slabs, but for lots of reasons this is not really the best use of paving slabs.

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When you are using the slabs for a new patio you need to decide what you envision that patio looking like. You want the slabs laid out so that they give you the size and shape you want for your patio. Slab patios usually don’t have clean straight edges. The rough edges are part of the look. This is also why you don’t necessarily want to use the slabs to pave your driveway. While this jagged edge looks great for a patio it just looks sloppy when you think of using it for a driveway.

Using slabs for paving inside your home is really just not a great option either. Slabs just doesn’t work for inside the home.