A Whole Book Of Adventure: Your Travel Scrapbook

So you’ve been around the world or merely to a country or 2 and you have taken a heap of photographs and brought souvenirs – fantastic! Now you could just put all of your photographs into a slideshow and give the mementos away, right?

Well, lets be honest, the majority become bored at slide shows and the knick-knacks end up falling behind a book shelf or finish up in a box somewhere. What you need to do is something different, something that will make people perk up and pay particular attention to your holiday memories. You want to make a travel scrapbook.

Your first stop is to collect all your pictures and souvenirs into one place, you might have a lot so make sure your container is sufficiently big enough. Do not forget to include things like maps, train and bus tickets, your aeroplane ticket and things that are specific to that country like candy bar wrappers and tourism pamphlets.

Second, if you went to just one country, great! Which will make your task simpler. If you went to multiple, make sure you keep the country pages together. People looking at your travel scrapbook will be confused if the order goes something similar to, Italy, France, Germany and then Italy again. Group the countries and make sure you clearly label the page when a new country starts.

Lastly, attempt to capture the feeling and essential nature of the country you were in. Was it a warm temperate climate, make the pages yellows, oranges or warm greens. Was it cold, snowy or rain a lot? Blues, greens and greys here are your friend. The purpose of your travel scrapbook is to give people the sensation of what it was like to visit that country.

Following these straightforward steps, you will be able to give your friends a glance of the experiences you had on your world journey!

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