9 Fun St Patrick’s Day Decorations For You And Your Kids

Ah, you’ve gotta love the Irish! St. Patrick’s Day is a day where everyone gets to kick back, relax, have some fun and just enjoy the day. Green hats and shamrocks and bowties abound on the one day when we honor St. Patrick and everyone loves to take that break when winter is pretty much finally over and spring is about to sprung. So throwing a party covered over with great St. Patrick’s Day decorations is definitely in order.

Here are some great ideas that’ll make your party go over the top.

1.    A welcome mat with a Shamrock theme is a nice start. They will set the mood of your party because it will be the first thing your friends see when they arrive.
2.    Shamrock wreaths and garlands hanging from tables and banisters adds a totally green flavor everywhere.
3.    St. Patrick’s Day table linens and table runners brings that theme to every flat surface available.
4.    Just in case anyone may need something to wipe their hands on, put dish towels with shamrocks all around.
5.    Using napkins and plates with a St. Patty’s theme are great for meals and snacks.   
6.    Using cups or mugs that have a St. Patrick’s theme or shamrocks will make an awesome addition.
7.    Use St. Patty themed Mylar balloons all over the place.
8.    Put a bunch of different hat shaped and shamrock coasters everywhere. Protect your furniture and add to the décor theme at the same time.
9.    Don’t forget the outside of your home needs some decorations too. A wreath on the doors and garlands on the railings or fence will look great and adds a nice touch.

When it comes time to throw the ultimate St. Patrick’s Day party, you’ll want to have all the hats and Irish green you can find. A hit at any St. Patrick’s Day party are snacks and cakes that are decorated green and of course, green punch. There are tons of other great St Patty’s day ideas you can use to take your party completely over the top. Having awesome St. Patrick’s Day decorations will not only take your party up a couple of notchs, but will make it one that everyone will remember.

Enjoy the camaraderie and even watch some soccer and have a St. Patrick’s Day party like never before with great holiday decorations and friends. Invite all your friends and celebrate all the great things that the day has in store. Celebrate Ireland, friendship, life and the coming of spring.