What You Should Do For Preventing Shower Drain Clogs

The leading cause of clogs in your shower drain can be attributed to hair. And it is common that people will turn to chemical cleaners for clogging problems. Chemical cleaners are good for clearing up clog but can be damaging to the pipes. You can do a lot of things though to take care of this common problem. This page is a good reference for learning how you can remove clogs caused by hairs.

You can start by clearing away any debris such as hair around the drain. Wear gloves or use plastic to pick up the accumulated hair. This is a good way to make sure that you keep yourself sanitized. Be sure that you remove the drain and remove even the hair found underneath the strainer. Be sure that you remove the hair under the strainer. You can also utilize a wire to clear away any hair that is found inside the pipe walls. Just twist the wire around and then when you remove it, you’ll have some hair sticking to it.  These steps help out all the time in our Garden Grove plumbing repair company do it.

Number two, make sure that you pour hot water into your drains afterwards. The boiling water will help in easing the flow of the water down the drain. This will make it easier to remove any remaining clogs on your drain.  This is another step that works well in our plumbers Laguna Beach service.

Try using a plunger instead. This is more effective if there is a few centimeters of standing water in the drain area. Be sure that you remove the hairs before and after using the plunger for more effectivity. Make use of the wire that was mentioned earlier. You can then pour water and vinegar into the drain afterwards.  This last technique usually does the trick in our plumbing Santa Ana service.

There you have the steps to ensure that your shower drain is clog free. It is best that you maintain your shower drains for a better working plumbing system.