The Weber Q220 Receives Average Rating Of 4 To 5 Stars

With the Weber Q220 Gas Grill you don’t have to worry about sacrificing quality for portability. The Q220 is a master of design with a high quality porcelain-enameled cast-iron cooking grate. The grill is top notch quality that packs up to be less than 32 inches, but it can still cook a whole chicken thanks to the seven inch lid. The Q220 is really just an upgraded version of the Weber Q200 and therefore the two reviews are very similar. The additional features of the Q220 are a built-in thermometer (very useful), an electronic ignition and a taller lid. Customer reviews on the Q220 vary a bit from those of the Q200 with some additional tips being added.

As mentioned before the grate is excellent quality and the biggest reason this grill is so fantastic. Weighing in at about 25+ lbs it provides great and even heat distribution with no hot or cold spots. Another clever little feature is the  fold away side trays that are extremely useful (to rest some grilling tools). The Weber Q220 works great in the backyard for everyday cooking and doubles as an awesome picnic or beach grill. The fold out plates are especially handy when tailgating and there are no other surfaces nearby for placing your grilling accessories. Just keep in mind though that because of the heavy (and high quality) grate this portable grill weighs in at about 40 lbs. One person can carry the grill, but not for too far and it’s probably just better and easier if someone gives you a hand.

Heat the Weber up for about 10 minutes before you start cooking and it will be hot enough to sear some steaks. Once preheated, the medium gas setting is normally plenty to cook with – it all just depends what delicious meal you’re busy cooking.  There have however been some reviews stating that the grill can be ready in as short as 3 minutes if preheated at full blast. You will have 280 inches of real cooking space with excellent heat distribution where you can grill anything from burgers to steaks irrespective of the exact heating up period required. Breakfast is not a problem either – just purchase the griddle to place on top of the grate and you’re ready to cook some bacon and eggs.

The grill operates on 14.1 or 16.4 oz liquid propane cylinders (the cylinders are not included) that will run empty after a few grill sessions – the cylinders will last between 1.5 – 2.5 hours – it all just depends on your heat settings and how much food you’re grilling. The canisters might be small and don’t last that long but their size actually increase the grill’s portability. Nothing spoils a nice meal like half cooked food so ensure you have a few backup cylinders around the house for emergencies. These canisters can be found at Walmart or most hardware stores. It’s probably worth purchasing a universal adapter for a 20 lb tank if you do grill on a very regular basis.

Cleaning the Weber Q220 is relatively easy when taking into considertion the effort required to clean any grill. Heat up the grill with the maximum heat setting and the grate becomes self cleaning. The grate can then be scraped with a bronze-bristle brush after it has cooled. The grate can also be cleaned with some mild dish washing liquid and hot water. Cleaning methods like burn-off or washing with soapy water will require the grate to be seasoned again. All the drippings collect at the bottom of the grill in the drip pan which is easily accessible to be replaced.

The Weber Q220 Grill is perfect for anyone who requires:
(a) A grill to use on a small patio or terrace (but looks just as good in the backyard – just add the stationary cart)
(b) A good value for money portable grill (Weber is synonymous with Grilling and Quality).
(c) A portable grill for tail-gating
(d) A compact grill that isn’t too small.
(e) Convenience

– 280 Square Inch Cooking Area
– Porcelain-Enameled Cast-Iron Cooking Grate
– Stainless Steel Burner
– 12 000 BTU-Per-Hour Input (What are BTU’s?)
– Electronic Ignition
– Cast Aluminum Lid & Body with Drip Ducts
– Removable Catch Pan
– Glass Reinforced Nylon Frame
– Large Heat Resistant Lid Handle
– Tall Lid with Built-in Thermometer
– 2 Folding Side Tables
– Infinite Control Burner Valve
– Tool Holders
– Weber Q Recipe Booklet
– Plenty of Accessories available to “beef up” your grill
– Limited Warranty

Weber Q220 Limited Warranty:

Weber offer a limited warranty on different parts of the grill:
> 5 Years on the Aluminum Castings with 2 years on the paint (excluding fading or discoloration)
> 5 Years on the Thermoplastic Parts (excluding fading)
> 2 Years on all Remaining Parts


Any product review unfortunately does have some cons and the Weber Q220 is no different. Q200 complaints are also included here as the Q220 & Q200 are almost identical bar a few changes. The good news is that very few (and we mean VERY few) customers did not approve of the Q200 and there were even fewer customer complaints found on the Q220. Complaints ranged from shipping damages to regulator problems. There were also the odd complaint about the side shelves not being that strong and unable to hold a plate of burgers for example. The answer to this complaint is that the side tables are there for accessories – like your grilling tools or another cold beer. So leave your dumbbells in the garage where they belong big boy. These types of complaints are however not too common. Weber customer service is top notch and they have received very high ratings from customers for dealing with complaints such as broken parts and regulator issues, so just get in contact with them on the off chance that you maybe experience some problems. Unfortunately indirect cooking is also not an option with the Q220. Should you wish to do some indirect cooking the Weber Q300 or Q320 is what you’re looking for.


(1) If you can afford the cart get one as it just makes things a whole lot easier. The collapsible cart does appear a bit dodgy and wobbly but works without a hitch. The stationary cart not only looks very stylish it also works very well.
(2) Heat up the grill for about 10 minutes before you start cooking (keep the lid closed). However shorter warm up periods will also do depending on what you’re cooking. Drop the heat (if required) when you start grilling.
(3) It’s a good idea to have a lighter with you when going to the beach or where there might be a lot of wind. The wind can sometimes play a bit of havoc with the electric starter. Once lit with the lighter you shouldn’t have any problems with the wind.
(4) Use some hot water and mild dish washing liquid to wash the protective wax coating off the grate before your first grill.
(5) Seasoning the grill before your first BBQ is recommended. A thin coat of solid vegetable shortening needs to be applied over the entire grate including the corners. Preheat grill for 15 minutes and then place the grate in the grill. With the lid still closed you now turn the burners to Medium-Off-Medium. Allow grill to heat grate for 1 to 1.5 hours and turn all burners off. Leave the grate in the grill until cooled. Although seasoning is not a prerequisite, it will provide an even better performance and is recommended.
(6) If you can add some more accessories then it’s worth investing in a Weber vinyl cover – protects the grill from dust and debris and prolongs the life of all the different components.

The Weber Q220 is perfect if you are looking for a portable grill – whether it’s because of space limitations or maybe you just don’t want a mammoth grill big enough to cook for a whole army. The Q220 has great heat distribution, cooks delicious meals, can easily grill for 4-6 people, is as easy 1 2 3 to assemble and has a couple of extra features that are not just for show. Although a bit more expensive than some the cheaper grills, the Weber is absolutely worth every penny because of its quality and durability. Overall the Weber Q220 Grill is exactly what one expects from Weber – great value for money. The Q220 Grill is highly recommended if you are in the market for a portable or smaller type grill and with more than 9/10 customer reviews giving this grill 4 to 5 stars you can’t go wrong. If you’ve been looking for a smallish type grill that can cook for 4-6 people then this is your guy. The Weber Q220 is just what you’ve been searching for.


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