The Effectiveness Of Natural Family Planning

When it comes to family planning, some couples prefer to use the natural family or “rhythm “ method since it is considered as unobtrusive way of preventing fertilization. First of all, a couple must completely agree This method is solely dependent on refraining from sexual intercourse on periods where a woman is considered fertile. The period that is considered fertile for a woman is two weeks before her menstruation since egg cells are being released by the ovary during this time. Nevertheless, egg cells that are unfertilized usually die after 12 hours but precautions are still made since sperm cells react differently. There is a set period where a couple can have sex since the sperm has longevity that extends to as much as 5 days after intercourse. So if the egg cells are released with sperm cells that are still present, fertilization occurs. The effectiveness of natural family planning depends on the couple’s ability to accurately predict the ovulation period of the woman, said one of the home tutors who could also offer a lot in terms of team building and gift basket choosing.

There are two methods that can be used for predicting the ovulation period.The first method is commonly known as “Cervical Mucus Method” since the cervical mucus is the indicator of a woman’s fertility period. The effectiveness of natural family planning in this case solely relies on observation of the secretion to determine whether it is the right time to have intercourse.

On the other hand, the temperature method relies on the basal body temperature of the woman as an indicator. This is technically known as symptom-thermal method and has been found effective by as much as 97% in cases among German couples according to a study published in the American Journal of Obstetric in Gynecology in 1991. Intercourse is strictly prohibited during within the fertile period since deviation would immediately result to conception. However, couples who adhere to the right procedure can benefit from the effectiveness of natural family planning. The most crucial part of the natural family planning method is the couple’s determination to work things out by sticking to the plan. If the coupled is convinced that family planning through natural method would benefit their future, then this method would be very effective.