How To Hold Your Camera Correctly

Capturing a photo is as easy as holding your camera and then clicking on the shutter button. It is also recommended that you learn about the basics of your camera like composition and techniques. You should learn how to hold your camera the right way so that you can take pictures properly. You need to learn this since it can affect your photo quality. This page is a good reference for learning how to hold your camera.


First, make sure that you are gripping it correctly. It is normal for cameras today to have a right hand grip. Your forefinger should be poised above the shutter button, and the rest of your fingers curled around the grip. Place your thumb at the back of the camera. The left hand or finger will then support the weight of the camera. Cameras with long lens are easier to support. Just place your left hand under the lens of the camera. This always helps me as a photography San Diego service.


Number two, it is best that you learn how to view your shot. Most cameras have built in LCDs. When you use the LCD screen be sure that you do not extend the camera that far away. It is imperative that you do this so that the camera won’t be prone to shakes. Holding your camera a few inches away from your face while your elbows are tucked is a good way to lessen camera shakes. This will be easier to do if you are utilizing the viewfinder. This has worked well in doing wedding and commercial shots for my wedding photographer San Diego service.


Number three, be sure that you get your stance right. A good stance can help you achieve a good shot as well. If possible, lean against something to keep yourself steady. A good alternative is to kneel or sit down. Stand with your feet spread wide for stability. This is a tip that has worked well for me in my event photography San Diego service.


So there you have the basics in how you properly hold a camera. There is a better chance for you to capture better photos when you know how to hold the camera correctly and assume a proper stance as well.