Five Red Quilt Themes

Red is a very fun and passionate color and if you know the way to use it, you can create a variety of moods. When making a red quilt, there are many themes that you can choose from and it does not have to be solid.

These are some red themed duvet ideas to help you get started:


Red is one of the most well liked colours for Christmas. A quilt with red and white candy canes makes a perfect holiday gift. Of course there is also Santa Claus with his rosy cheeks and red suit ; you could also include a red brick chimney for effect. A patchwork quilt featuring Rudolph and his red nose is a nice addition to any warm and snug child’s room. and don't forget a Christmas tree with red ornaments. In all of these themes you can make red the primary color while mixing other normal holiday colours in too.

Valentine’s Day

If Valentine’s Day was a colour, then the colour would most definitely be red. You can go for red hearts and roses, or you could design red love letters to that special someone. you can also incorporate some pink into your quilt to add softness to the look. An enchanting patchwork quilt is a sweet gift which you and your partner can cuddle under together in the colder months.


Red, white and blue is for national pride. Let red be your focus, as you design a red quilt that is as bold as you are proud. You can design the American flag or stars. You can design red fireworks or Uncle Sam’s hat.


Redwork is an attractive kind of embroidery which uses a lot of red to paint a picture. It was a preferred Victorian-era style that girls used to brighten their home. The quilt is white, but it is the red that creates the drawing. You can make animals, flowers, cartoon characters and nearly any type of picture you can think about. this kind of red quilt can go great in kids rooms, kitchens, office’s and bedrooms.


If you want a quilt to add some flair to your area, try a fiery look. Mix red with oranges and yellows to make a modern look. Naturally you can make flames, but don’t stop there. Create an autumn theme with warm golden leaves. Also you might try your hand at making a Phoenix with fiery wings. If you want to make your red quilt pop, add some coppery colors to the fire and let your imagination run wild with all the probabilities.

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