Don’t Buy Banzai Water Slides Before You Read This!

banzai water slides

Have Fun with amazing water fun for this summer, you must experience Banzai water slides Adventure. Nothing match to the experience of your own Rainforest Wild ride in fresh water. Take the challenge with 5 fantastic activities in Watersliding.

Banzai Water Slides are pretty easy to set up. Thanks to powerful continuous-airflow blower motor, start the fun inflates in less than 3 minutes. Plus, it comes with Heavy-duty Dura-Tech construction ensures lasting strength and durability. Just easily attach it to any garden hose for quick set up to get the fun started in no time.

It is perfect for sunny day! Take the tension from your stomach while sliding down the 17 feet tree house slide. Slide smoothly like a fish which drops from high waterfalls..Feel the freedom, the tension and the “aargh” scream along.

Banzai Inflatable Water Slides has two huge slides and certainly become the biggest among Banzai water slide range. The first slide is straight down into the pool, the second curves around and goes through the rainforest tunnel before splashing into huge pool. Also there is the tunnel slide through the middle of it. So actually there are 3 fantastic waterslides!

Now you can shoot down the steep tree house slide, sliding down the curving tunnel slide, blasting your friends away with water cannon, have yourself cooled off under the tropical waterfall and splashing around in big giant pool.
Kids can easily scale the climbing wall into the clubhouse area, then  racing down one of the three slides and into the giant splash pool.

Fun won’t end so soon. The Banzai Jungle adds waterslides craze with the attacking sudden blast! While you are sliding down, friends can shoot you by manuveurable cannon water supplied.The blast will splash into your body and create a joyful ride of experience in playing along!
So simple and cheers your sunny day along the summer!